Hot Rods in Dresden – Ein echtes Highlight! - Dresdner Erlebniswelt

Hot Rods in Dresden – A real highlight!

A special kind of thrill just a few centimeters above the asphalt floor

Pure adrenaline rushes through the veins of every rider who has ever tried this experience. With converted go-karts you can ride in the wind through the state capital of Saxony - a real eye-catcher in the Dresden skyline!

The small Mini HotRods have an impressive 13.6 hp and a negligible curb weight - driving fun is definitely guaranteed here! Various tours are possible from April to October, including on weekdays.
New in the 2021 program – an XXL tour, with guaranteed even more smiles and unique highlights on the tour.

So that you can get a little insight into what we're raving about, we have this video for you:

So then: turn on the sound, open your eyes and grin!

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