Fly in an Airbus yourself

Experience report FlightSimulator - Hendrik G. from Freiberg

Sitting in a real cockpit of an Airbus – that has always been my dream.

With every holiday flight I thought about how this machine would be controlled from the cabin in the front room? What kind of switches, computers, levers or even a jump seat like in the film are there?

This dream actually recently came true! In Dresden in the FlightSimulator I had the opportunity to fly an Airbus A320 myself!

Steffen and Frank, two really nice guys, started the day with a great welcome. After a quick tour of the premises, I was led into the heart of it. Through a really detailed replica of a real machine (i.e. a piece of it ;-)) we went through the secured door directly into the cockpit. That was the first time I was truly speechless.

I really felt like I was sitting in a real machine! The graphical simulation and real exterior elements were so detailed that I thought I was sitting in a real Airbus A320 at Dresden airport. There was a short technical briefing and then we started! Simply amazing, so realistic, so much fun, you just have to do it! Press a button here, move a lever there, takeoff - landing, descent, turn right, left - it was just awesome!

Test it out ! 

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